Upper Vaal River White Water River Rafting Summer Rafting on the Way!!!

rafting upper vaal river rafting raft parys parys river rafting vaalrafting #riverrafting #raftingsouthafrica tapimanzi vaaladventuresUpper Vaal river white water river rafting, Parys river rafting and Suiker bos river paddling summer season around the corner Book now!!! http://www.teambuildadventures.co.za/index.php/adventures/upper-vaal-river-rafting http://www.teambuildadventures.co.za/index.php/adventures/parys-river-rafting http://www.teambuildadventures.co.za/index.php/adventures/suiker-bos-river-paddle http://www.vaaladventures.com/riverrafting.aspx http://www.tapimanzi.co.za #riverrafting #tubing #whitewaterriverrafting #parysrafting #uppervaalriverrafting #bachelorparty #teambuilding #vaalrafting #familyadventures #kidsparty #tourists 0825770382 info@teambuildadventures.co.za


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